PSC Examination 2019 Result Published Date

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PSC Examination 2019 has been started from 17th November 2019  and will finish on 24th November 2019. After examination, we start to worry about the result. But nowadays we don’t have to worry much about getting the result. We can get results by Internet and Smart Phones in the simplest and fastest way. If you are looking for PSC results in 2019, then you are in the right way. Here, you will be able to know everything related to PSC or EBT Examination & Examination results.

PSC or EBT Examination

PSC or EBT examination has been started and as it is the first large public examination in Bangladesh that’s why students and their guardians worry much about the examination and the result. But there is nothing to worry about getting results today. With the advancement of Technology, getting results has become very easy. Nowadays we can get results sitting in our home by some simple processes. If you are looking for the processes to get results easily, then you are in the right way. Just stay with us, we will inform you everything about the PSC examination and result.

PSC or EBT Examination Result Publish Date

PSC/EBT examination has been started and the result is going to be published on 29th December 2019. As soon as the result is announced by the official website, we will also declare the result. Sometimes it becomes difficult to check the result from the official website, then it will be helpful if you check the results here.

PSC or EBT Examination Details

Primary School Certificate examination (PSC) is the first large public examination where lakhs of candidates perusing their primary education register and appear for this exam. This exam is also as Prathomik Somaponi Poriksha. Ebtedayee (EBT) Examination is conducted by the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. PSC and EBT both are equivalent exams conducted at the same time.

PSC & EBT both are conducted by DPE. DPE stands for DIRECTORATE of PRIMARY EDUCATION.  It works under the MINISTRY of PRIMARY & MASS EDUCATION (MOPME) which provides quality education in the primary schools of Bangladesh.  Management and supervision of primary education in the country is completely on the responsibility of DPE. DPE is mainly responsible for conducting JSC &PSC Examination as well as issuing the results for all examiners participated in the examinations conducted by it.


Organization Name: Directorate of Primary Education

Works Under: MOPME

Formation Year: 4th November 1972

Location: Bangladesh

Examinations: PSC & JSC


Students studying in class 5 under all the boards of the country have to participate in this examination and be qualified in it to go for their secondary education.  This is a primary level examination and students qualified in it will be promoted to secondary education.  Lakhs of students appear in the examination every year. Till now every year more than 25 lakh candidates participate in this exam.


Examination: Primary School Certificate

Date of beginning: 17th Nov 2019

Date of finishing: 24th Nov 2019

Result Publish: 29th December 2019

Scholarship: In the 1st or 2nd week of April.

This year’s total 29,03,638 candidates have participated in PSC & EBT examination. Among them, 25,53,267 students are from the General Board and 3,50,371 students are from Madrasah Board taking part in PSC & EBT Examinations. There is a total of 7,458 centers from all over the country, including 11 overseas centers. The examination will be started at 10.30 am and will be finished at 1.00 pm. That means the total period is 2 hours 30 minutes.  But for special needs children, an extra 30 minutes will be given.

Mark Distribution of PSC Examination

There is a total of six subjects in the PSC examination with a total number of 600. This year the question pattern will be 100% competency-based.  It has been confirmed by NAPE. The question pattern of every subject has been published.

Grading System

The division system was used to give the results to the students before the grading system. GPA System has been implemented in Bangladesh for issuing various public results in the country like PSC/ JSC/ JDC/ SSC/ HSC equivalent exam results. Through the grading system, students can get their subject wise grade points along with the overall GPA. The GPA system is given below.

Marks Range            Letter Grade        Grade Points

0 to 32                              F                          0

33 to 39                            D                         1

40 to 49                            C                         2

50 to 59                            B                         3

60 to 69                            A-                       3.50

70 to 79                            A                         4

80 to 100                          A+                       5

PSC Exam Result Publishing Websites

You can get PSC results in 2019 from the official website of DPE  Besides, you can get the result from and 

Procedures to Get PSC Results 2019

There are various ways to get the PSC results in 2019 BD and all the available ways to check and get your PSC and EBT results 2019 are given below for the students to understand the process and follow the same.

Today’s getting results of public examinations has become very easy. We can get the result from the official websites of education boards. Results can be seen in these ways:

The Simplest Way to Get PSC Result

On the date of publishing of result, the official websites of education boards get busy because of excessive users trying to get the result. Everyone tries to get the result from the official websites but some private websites also publish the result as soon as the result is being published by the main websites. We also publish the result on the date of publishing.  So, the easiest way will be if you find your result from our website.

Get Result from Online

You can get the result from the official websites of education boards.  The main website of DPE publishes the result. The process is very simple, just follow the rules:

Go to or from your browser.

Choose your education board General / Ebtedayee

Select your District

Select Thana / Upazila

Insert your Roll Number

Select passing year

Click the button “ Submit”

Then the result of PSC will be displayed on your screen.  Then you can download it. The online result checking process is being provided below for your help:

Get Result by SMS (Without Internet)

If you don’t have access to the Internet, then you can get a result without the Internet. You will have to follow some steps. This is another simple way to get results for the students now. Teletalk the govt. The telecom operator of Bangladesh provides this chance for the students via SMS. The process is the same for all users. You need to have enough balance because per SMS 2.44 TK. Will be deducted.


1. Go to your phone message option.

♦ Type PSC<space>Thana Code<space>Roll<space>Year

♦ Send SMS to 16222.

♦ For example – PSC 157554 436589 2019 and send it to 16222.


2. Go to your message option

♦ Type DPE<space> student ID <space> passing year

♦ For Example- DPE 594969 2018 and send to 16222


♦ Go to your phone message option.

♦ Type EBT<space>Thana Code<space>Roll<space>year

♦ For example- EBT 157554 435465 2018

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