Top Universities in The USA That Don’t Require Exams For International Students

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If you want to study in USA, you need to be skilled in English and you will have to score well in English language standardized tests for proving your skills. If you are skilled in English, then you can get admitted in the colleges and universities of USA. But if you aren’t skilled, then what will you have to do to get admitted in the Universities of USA? Then here is an opportunity for you to fulfill your dream of studying in USA.

Global Pathway Program is offered by some universities of USA for international students who want to take English as a second language (ESL) courses while also taking courses that will be counted as credits toward their degrees. This is a one year program and it generally offers “Conditional Acceptance” to the College or University they are affiliated with. It means that students who complete the program with admissible English language skills and a high enough GPA are automatically received into the affiliate school.

Pathway Programs are preliminary courses that are prepared to help international students build the skills, knowledge and qualifications that they will need to enter a Bachelor’s or master’s degree program.  Why will you choose Global Pathway Program?   Here are some reasons for international students to choose Global Pathway Program, such as:

  1. Pathway Programs will help you in building the language skills and knowledge that are necessary for studying in US.
  2. It will help you to choose the area of study according to your interests and will give you opportunity to take a year to try different study courses.
  3. Most Colleges and Universities offering Global Pathway Program also offer conditional admission into the school after completion of the program.
  4. It gives you the chance to adjust with the US culture and environment.

Top Universities In USA Offering Global Pathway Program:  

Universities in USA that offers global pathway program for international students are:

  1. Northeastern University
  2. Pace University
  3. South Florida University
  4. Colorado State University

Northeastern University

If you are an international student and you want to study in Northeastern University of Boston, but you don’t meet NORTHEASTERN’S English language admission requirements, you can join a Global Pathway program on the Boston or Seattle campus.  You can also apply directly to a master’s in California.

This pathway program gives you the opportunities to study in the campus, do English language classes, and adopt yourself to American system and culture. This pathway program starts at $14,000 and varies at different levels.

Why Will You Choose Pathways At Northeastern University:

There are many reasons for why will you choose Pathways at Northeastern University, such as:

  1. Top-ranking Academics: Northeastern University is a top 50 US university and ranks the 6th most innovative in the country (U.S. News Education 2019). Here, the academic life is thecombination of professional work and research. Northeastern Career services are ranked in the top 3 in the USA by Princeton Review.
  2. First-rate RankingNortheastern faculty professors teach all the pathway programs right on the university campus. They are industry professionals, scholars and mentors who bring valuable, real-world knowledge to your learning.
  3. Prime Locations:  There are programs at Northeastern’s main campus in historic Boston and its graduate campuses in Seattle and Silicon Valley’s technology and business hubs.  You will get close to all the benefits of city living, including excellent shops and restaurants, and exciting cultural and sports events.
  4. Exceptional Support:  Small classes will help you to build confidence in your speaking and presentation skills. Outside class, social events help you meet other students and enjoy campus life.  You can join the conversation partner program to practice English.
  5. University Student from day one:  Pathway program students can enjoy all the facilities offered by University.  You can use all university resources, facilities and health centers.  You can also join sports clubs and student associations.

Pace University

The Pace Global Pathways Program is an excellent opportunity for international students who don’t meet the English language proficiency requirements for direct admission to any undergraduate degree programs. As a pathway program student, you will receive college-level English-language instruction with specialized academic coursework in your field of study- all taught by Pace University professors.

This program starts at $11,000 and it varies with different condition. After successful completion of the program, one can progress into a Bachelor’s degree program in Arts and sciences, Business or Computer Sciences and information systems with up to 17 credits.

The Pace Global Pathways Program consists of 1-3 semesters (the equivalent of a 4,8, or 12-month course)  depending upon your English- language proficiency entrance score.

The Pace Global Pathway Program will help you achieve high quality English language tuition and academic coursework that prepares you for the demands of studying at the university.  When you successfully complete the Pace Global Pathways Program, you will be guaranteed a place on your chosen bachelor’s or master’s degree at Pace.

University Of South Florida

Global Citizens Project is University of South Florida’s Quality Enhancement plan.  A Global Pathway is an undergraduate major or degree program that has significant global content.  Global Pathways will provide you with the opportunity to practice and apply global competencies through the major or degree program. GCP Professional Development Specialists offers individualized attention and support for program development toward Global Pathway Designation. Global Pathway Program at University of South Florida starts from $20,000. Students in Global Pathway degree programs get benefitted academically from the globalized program of study and also well positioned to earn the GLOBAL CITIZEN AWARD and become eligible to apply for a $2,500 study abroad scholarship.

Colorado State University

INTO Colorado State University mission provides Global Pathway program for international students. The mission of INTO CSU is to provide quality English language and Pathway programs and comprehensive support services to international students who are interested in learning English for different purposes like, personal, professional or academic purposes and to serve the university and student body at large.

INTO CSU is located on campus and offers students many services including:

  1. Create a support system for international students
  2. Helps you transition to a US degree program.
  3. While developing your English skills, you will get opportunity to learn alongside your American peers.
  4. After successful completion of pathway program, you will progress to a CSU degree program.
  5. Social Activities
  6. Visa and immigration support
  7. Test preparation classes
  8.  Personalized academic, language and cultural support

Conversation partner programs to practice English, etc.


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